martes, 25 de febrero de 2014


Taller de composición
[ 25.02.2014 ]

Violin I: Laura Espino
Violin II: María Rodríguez
Viola: Paula Romero
Cello: Alba Reirís

Conductor, Video recording and edition: Alberto Arroyo
Audio recording (virtual string quartet): Pablo Labián
Video control: Pablo Andoni Gómez

Mnemea, for a real string quartet, a virtual string quartet and spaces is an approach to memory and perception in the sense of déjà-vu, in the sense of contradiction and confrontation between what we experience and what we remember. A virtual string quartet is recorded with the aim of creating a paradox or, at least, a reflection about time, reality and the power of virtual reality nowadays. The real string quartet and its connection with the virtual one walks in the same direction of this temporal experience. Poetic ideas by R. Bodei, W. Shakespeare or Rossetti are breathed trough the idea of recognizing oneself while one remembers at the same time.

( vídeo autorizado expresamente por el autor para su difusión en este blog )