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IVAN FEDELE - 20 y 21 de Diciembre de 2010


Alumnos oyentes:
55 € por seminario (15% de descuento para ex alumnos del CSMA)

Modo de inscripción: enviando el boletín de inscripción al que se deberá adjuntar fotocopia del D.N.I., y la documentación requerida (excepto alumnos oyentes, que únicamente deben presentar el boletín de inscripción).

Dirección de envío:
Departamento de composición
Conservatorio Superior de Música de Aragón
Vía Hispanidad 22

a la atención de Agustín Charles Soler o bien por correo electrónico a:

IVAN FEDELE - biografía (extraída de Edizioni Suvini Zerboni)
Ivan Fedele was born in Lecce in 1953. He studied piano with B. Canino, V. Vitale and I. Deckers, and composition under the guidance of R. Dionisi, A. Corghi and F. Donatoni. At the same time, he studied Philosophy at the University of Milan, with E. Paci, L. Geymonat, G. Giorello, R. Mangione and R. Cantoni. He owns to his father, a mathematician, the passion for mathematics, as it becomes evident in his compositional researches, including the examination and use of the concept of "spatialisation" (Duo en résonance, Ali di Cantor, Donacis Ambra), the formulation of a "library" of creative processes and the definition of a prototype of "granular synthesizer", like the one used for the realization of the electronic part of Richiamo (for brass, percussions and electronics - IRCAM 1993). His piece Capt-Actions (for string quartet, accordion and electronics) uses for the first time a new system of "capteurs", which are able to send all data regarding the contours of a musical gesture directly to the computer, which, in turn, interprets this information, on real time, according to the archetypes of modulation set a priori by the composer. Capt-Actions has been premiered at the Arsenale in Metz, in April 2005. This new technology, which has been developed by Thierry Coduys in the "Kitchen" studios of Paris, opens up new compositional perspectives, yet unexplored.

Ivan Fedele's catalogue, edited by Suvini Zerboni, consists of about eighty titles, to which one should add the opera Antigone , commissioned by the Teatro Comunale of Florence for the inauguration of the Festival "Maggio Fiorentino", in April 2007. In addition to a large body of chamber music, his catalogue includes various works for orchestra with and without soloists, the most recent piece being Arco di vento , for clarinet and orchestra. He has collaborated with Boulez, Eschenbach, Chung, Saalonen, Muti, Slatkin, Robertson, Kalitze, Wit, Valade and Rophé, among others, and his music has been performed by various orchestras and ensembles, like for instance: BBC, Berlin Radio, Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Stuttgart SWR, National de France, National de Lyon, Warsaw Symphony Orchestra, RAI National Symphony Orchestra, Santa Cecilia, Ensemble InterContemporain, London Sinfonietta, Klangforum Wien, etc.

The recording ANIMUS ANIMA (Cd Stradivarius STR33629) has been awarded the prize "Choc de la Musique 2003" from "Le Monde de la Musique", while MAYA (Cd L'Empreinte Digitale ED13198) has received the "Coup de Coeur 2004" from the "Académie Charles Cros".

Ivan Fedele carries also an intense academic activity, which has seen him participating to the activities of important institutions, like Harvard University, University of Barcellona, Sorbonne and IRCAM in Paris, Sibelius Academy of Helsinki, Chopin Academy of Warsaw, Centre Acanthes in Avignon, CNSM in Lyon and CNR of Strasbourg as well as Italian Conservatoires, namely Milan, Bologna and Turin. In 2000 he has been awarded the honour of "Chevalier de l'Ordre des Lettres et des Arts" by the French Ministry of Culture. In 2005 he was appointed a member of the Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia in Rome. In 2007 he has been nominated teacher of Composition for the "Corsi di Perfezionamento in Studi Musicali" at the same Accademia. Since 2009 he is the Artistic Director of the Milan Orchestra "I Pomeriggi Musicali". 

IVAN FEDELE: "De li duo soli et infiniti universi"

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